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About Me My name is Sebastian Walter, born 1977 in Dresden, Germany, and I have remained true to my hometown. Already as a little boy I was out and about in nature. In my childhood and youth I went hiking and travelling a lot with my family. In the years of my apprenticeship and work I had not found the time for that anymore. Now I have remembered these times and have been actively travelling again for some time now on "Schuster Rappen". My camera always accompanies me to capture the best pictures and give you the best information. The filming was probably put into my cradle by my father. He himself was a passionate hobby film maker and was allowed to own a Pentaflex Normal 8 camera. I remember how long it took him to finish a film. From developing the film to viewing, cutting and gluing it back together, a lot of work was necessary. Today it is much easier. Modern digital cameras and editing technology have arrived and make the work much easier. And so I had the idea for this website and my YouTube channel. Since September 2018 you can find it on YouTube and some films have already been made and more will follow. Until then... Good way says The WanderFritze
Der WanderFritze