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The WanderFritze on tour ... On cobblers, black water hikes or motorcycle tours On this page I present all my tours to you. Whether extensive hiking tours here in Germany or abroad, about water hikes on our lakes and rivers or a beautiful motorcycle tour, you will find enough suggestions here. On Schuster's black horse I present my multi-day tours on cobblers that last longer than 2 days here. Harzer Hexenstieg # 1 Click to watch Harzer Hexenstieg # 2 Click to watch Harzer Hexenstieg # 3 Click to watch Harzer Hexenstieg # 4 Click to watch Harzer Hexenstieg # 5 Click to watch Water hiking Water walking or anything related to it. Whether on lakes or rivers, with a canoe, raft or motor yacht, I present my exciting tours and show you how diverse the hobby can be. Traveling with a motor yacht On the way with a motor yacht on the Havel and Elbe. From Brandenburg a.d. Havel via Tangermünde, Havelberg, Grütz and Pritzerbe back to Brandenburg a.d.Havel. Click to watch Click to watch Click to watch Motorbike tours I am also traveling in our beautiful country with my motorcycle. Small and big tours, in and outside Germany I bring you closer here. Planning tours
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